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I've been working on this website now and then since 1997. I've uploaded thousands of pictures, organized them, traveled to several developing countries and written about backpacking across India, the People's Republic of Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and elsewhere. I've learned to use a geiger counter and GPS, wrote a novel and learned French, plus PHP and MySQL. I am happily married to Monica and we have a very beautiful girl we named Sophie. I still work in I.T. sales and enjoy it. Along the way I've spent many hours inside Unix servers like FreeBSD. I've deleted more pages here than I've kept. And I still haven't quite captured everything just yet. Enjoy your visit.

What is redbeet?

This is my retro website, a homepage that dates back to the day when the Web was still coded with text editors, well-worn keyboards, elbow grease and Unix servers... the guts all neatly hidden from sight thanks to hyperlinks.

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